I'm in the hero business

Everyone loves a good story. And every good story has a hero — the one who overcomes adversity and triumphs at the end of the journey. In the digital landscape the user is the hero of the story and they're why I do what I do. My name is Matt. I'm an interactive designer with more than a decade of experience crafting beautiful and functional interactive experiences to help make users the hero of their digital journeys.

ACH Brands
Branded Site Overhaul

Digital Brand Launch

Art of Dilusso
Experiential Campaign

How America Burgers Promo

Illustration Work

Land O'Lakes
Digital Product Relaunch


Some nice folks I've worked with over the years.

Matt has a broad skill set that is difficult to find in our industry. He's a true creative problem solver, one that takes the necessary time to research and study the task at hand.

Andrew Vickers

Digital Director @ Moco

I am always astounded at the originality and attention to detail of his work. Matt has a unique ability for solving complex user experiences with innovation and a rock solid understanding of responsive design.

Kurt Menne

Lead Developer @ Webium

Matt is the full package: An excellent designer, smart UX strategist, technically very astute, developer friendly and an all around great person. Working with him totally rocks.

John Schneider

VP Digital Strategy @ JTMega